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Overpopulation’s Effect on Environment Essay - 934 Words

In today’s society there are many economic problems, such as pollution, global warming, and overpopulation. These problems have taken a toll on the environment, and its resources. Although all of these issues have an impact on our society, overpopulation stands to have the greatest impact on our environment, due to the large masses of people and the limited resources. There are many solutions to this problem but the common factor is the human race. The human race has to put controls in place and take care of the environment, so the required resources do not become extinct. What causes Overpopulation? Overpopulation is excessive human population in an area to the point of overcrowding, depletion of natural resources and environmental†¦show more content†¦( â€Å"Overpopulation means that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than we should, just because more people are doing it and this is related to overconsumption by people in general, especially in the developed world.† (Science Daily, April 2009) Overpopulation Problems The problem of overpopulation consists of many different issues such as the number of occupants, average amount of resources, and the amount of pollution produced. One key factor to overpopulation is to understand that the planet is not going to expand and grow new land that will create space to produce resources for more individuals. The birth rate continues to be one of the biggest factors, with about 54 million births per year. The more people there are, the more resources consumed and the more waste that is created. A child born today in the United States for instance will produce fifty-two tons of garbage and consume 11 million gallons of water by the age of seventy-five. This factor alone leaves us with fewer resources, because we are a â€Å"closed system†, meaning that we must recycle or store waste that we produce. (, 2005) Several environmental issues are impacting our resources. Forests are disappearing†, and the glo bal unpolluted fresh water supply is in danger while the air in most big cities is becoming increasingly unhealthy. (Tribes of the Orange Sun, 2009) AnotherShow MoreRelatedEssay Overpopulation’s Effect on Environment886 Words   |  4 Pagesrivers unsuitable for human consumption due to prolong waste flowed from factories and cities into the waterways (WWF, 2010). Growing population also shows a strong link to health problems. Health challenges particularly emerge in places whose environment and people’s lifestyle have been affected by overpopulation consequences (Bull World Health Organ, 2010). It is obvious that risky conditions such as food and water shortages, polluted air and water, insufficient sanitation, slum areas, stressfulRead MoreThe Scientific Prediction Of Overpopulation1307 Words   |  6 PagesThe Scientific Prediction of Overpopulation in China In today’s society, there are many environmental issues , such as pollution, global warming, and overpopulation. These issues have taken a damage on our environment and its resources. Overpopulation is a serious issue that will eventually have a greater negative impact on many countries, and this must be identified, analyzed, and controlled immediately. This issue caused a large crowd of people and the limited resources around the world.Read MoreEssay on Botswana4082 Words   |  17 Pagesstruggle to produce what is healthiest for its country’s people and environment for the present time and for the infinite years to come. This study will explore several different hardships that Botswana is suffering and the peace that the people have maintained throughout the years. (2) Concerning Botswana’s condition, the national geography standards that this study mainly relates to focus upon places and regions and environment and society. The physical and human characteristics of Botswana will

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